Free Art School

Free @rt School offers sessions based around the combined learning and sharing that an individual or group wishes to learn or share.

The sessions may range from learning how to paint to building worm composting bins to constructing spaceships. They may look nothing like @rt and nothing like school, but they are always free.

Free @rt School believes everyone is a student and teacher and lets any and all of those students direct the learning that takes place.

We are a community of learners, participants, and collaborators that explore, learn, share, and create together. We are theories of art and education in practice.

If you would like more information or are interested in participating, Get Involved.

Free @rt School Sessions

On going sessions

The Dadadeaddada “Drawing” Club
Sunday School

Coming Soon?

Screenprinting workshop
? ? ? ? ?

Previous Sessions

New Entropy Extravaganza
Free @rt School: Festival
Airing of Grievances
Space Ship One
Evening with Omer Abdallah
5Ps (Pre-Paintallica Precautionary Painting Party)
Clean UP
UIHC art walk
FREE Letter-Writing
Missionaries to Free (@)rt School
Worm composting
Light up t-shirts
A fragile line :ephemeral art making
Mix tape free draw